JBoss Data Grid – Making Big Data Work

Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at 10.11.51 AM.png  

This week Red Hat extended the Early Access program for JBoss Data Grid with the availability of the BETA – available to existing customer and future customers.

Traditional (typically relational) spinning-rust data stores have become one of the biggest economic and technical impediments to extracting the true value from the increasing amount of data that is available to organizations today.

JBoss Data Grid is a distributed, in-memory, fault-tollerant key-value store that is architected for large scale, mission critical applications. JBoss Data grid is built on the Infinispan open source project which is the natural evolution of JBoss Cache – which has been a core part of JBoss products for many years.

There’s a huge amount of activity around BigData and NoSQL as people look for more appropriate solutions to store, manage and analyze data – JBoss Data Grid and in-memory solutions in general provide orders-of-magnitude performance and scalability benefits without necessarily having to completely re-architect the data tier. The intrinsic distribution also provides a high-degree of fault-tollerance without the additional cost, complexity and overhead involved in traditional data stores.

So, give it a spin; and give us some feedback.

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