I’ve maintained a blog (on and off) since 2005. This is the second home of my weblog – the first – maintained by my previous employer (Sun Microsystems) is hopefully still here.

I’m a dual national (US and UK) currently living in North Carolina – after 6 years in California. As well as the US and England – I’ve lived in Malta and Cyprus and traveled a fair bit in between.

I usually describe myself as a “recovering engineer” and currently work for CloudBees, building a SaaS Platform to help companies accelerate application delivery; previously, I worked for Red Hat and Sun Microsystems. I’ve worked in the software industry for more than 30 years – more than half of that time as a developer/consultant. My professional profile is kept reasonably up to date on LinkedIn. I’ve been on Twitter since 2007, but that account has been largely inactive since moving to Mastadon in 2022.  I also have an Instagram account, mostly used to track my son’s Mountain Bike racing. For cycling stuff – Strava.

I’m interested in virtually any activity that involves getting outdoors. I’m also deeply interested in technology – specific interests – the evolution of the Web, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, personal health technology,  computer languages, and runtimes.

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