I’ve maintained a blog (on and off) since 2005. This is the second home of my weblog – the first – maintained by My previous employer (Sun Microsystems) is hopefully still here.

I’m a dual national (US and UK) currently living in North Carolina – after 6 years in California. As well as the US and England – I’ve lived in Malta and Cyprus and have travelled a fair bit in between.

I usually describe myself as a “recovering engineer” and currently work for Red Hat managing the JBoss Application Platform products. I’ve worked in the software industryfor more than 25 years – more than half of that time as a developer / consultant. My professional profile is kept reasonably up to date on LinkedIn and you can follow me in 140 characters or less on Twitter. I also have an Instagram account which is mostly used to keep track of my son’s Mountain Bike racing.

I’m interested in virtually any activity that involves getting outdoors. I’m also deeply interested in technology – specific interests right now – event-driven systems, personal health technology, Immutable Infrastructure and large Web Scale software architectures.



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