Microsoft and Metcalfe’s Law

Microsoft have finally figured out that Metcalfe’s Law applies to them as much as the next software company – despite their huge footprint. To quote Microsoft’s CEO and CMM (Chief Mad-Monkey) Steve Balmer :

“In a more connected, services-oriented world…one of the greatest value-adds in some sense is what people do on the other end of the wire”

Bang-on Steve – couldn’t have put it better myself. Let’s see how wide the Kimono opens before Balmer get’s shy. Ick – that’s a poor choice of metaphor – sorry if I’ve spoiled your lunch.

Hacking FileVault (and BitLocker and TrueCrypt)

I have FileVault enabled on my MBP thinking it was a responsible way to protect work-related proprietary information from falling into the wrong hands; turns out it’s actually quite easy (for a dedicated hacker) to crack the password / key according the this CNET article. Some pretty interesting ideas about salvaging information from memory. Hopefuly this work will help Apple improve FileVault.

Desktop Virtualization Tinkering

Over the last day or so, I’ve been playing with VirtualBox – a type-2 desktop-oriented hypervizor; I managed to get my two favourite Linux flavours up and running pretty quickly now I’m contemplating mucking about with the networking so I can get the images talking over a virtual network.


Once I have that – I have a pretty decent developer sandbox – something I wish I had 7 or 8 years ago when I was still a developer. Still – should be a pretty useful setup for tinkering on home projects.

VirtualBox is pretty slick – so far – no issues – I just works – which is the way software should be. One thing I’m still looking for is a way to run windows (small W) outside the visual sandbox; I find having a bunch of windows; running in windows a bit limiting and doesn’t allow me to use my (multi)-screen real estate effectively.

Next (assuming I find the time) is to try VirtualBox on my MBP – I’m missing Ubuntu.