Tab Sweep : JBoss Mostly

Over the last ten years – every year has been proclaimed the year that Java dies. And every year people are proven wrong and I think that will continue to happen for another 20 or 30 years. To put it into perspective COBOL, another fairly sucessful language is 50 (fifty) years old this month. Other popular langauges : C – 37 years old, C++ – 26 years old, Java – a mere 14 years old. People are still running and maintaining COBOL, ditto C, C++, etc. These popular languages have taken decades to reach mainstream adoption and will be viable for decades to come.

JBoss AS 5.1 GA has been released. Downloads are looking pretty healthy and it’s good to see almost monthly releases now that the MC / re-architecture work is behind us. Release early, release often

It’s Java One time again, JBoss’ presence this year will probably be larger than last year – we have a lot to talk about and show – so swing by our sessions, our booths and join us at the JBoss Party. See you there – and follow @JBossNews on twitter for the latest Java One updates.

Sun seem to be getting increasingly desperate to build a business around their Java middleware – they’re attacking companies a fraction of a fraction of their size and continuing the fire sale. It’s going to be really interesting when Sun product lines get hit with Larry Ellison’s “fiduciary responsibility” stick. Weblogic wasn’t exactly cheap – and Oracle had to pile on a pretty hefty Tax to bring it in line with Oracle’s cost model. The disparity between Sun and Oracle pricing is *huge* and is going to require something more dramatic than a a mere 30% price increase.

Although Java One hasn’t started yet – for all the folks involved in planning and preparing – the work is (or should be) done. At Red Hat we already have our sight on the biggest Red Hat / JBoss event of the year – the co-located Red Hat Summit and JBoss World 2009 which is in Chicago, Septemer 1st to 4th.

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