Tab Sweep : JBoss

JBoss adding muscle to Apache CXF. We’ll be increasing our commitment to Apache CXF – in term of both resource and expertise and fully support CXF in future versions of our products. More from Alessio Saldano (JBoss WS Lead), Dan Kulp (PMC Chair for CXF) and Sacha (JBoss CTO).

Talking of Sacha – he’s just announced he’ll be leaving Red Hat. Sacha interviewed me when I joined Red Hat (just under a year ago) and I’ve enjoyed working with him – super-smart, very passionate and a genuinely nice guy – a rare combination. Good luck for the future Sacha and enjoy the break – after 8 years you deserve some R&R and time with with your family.

The JBoss Tools team delivered another major release – JBDS 2.0 and we also introduced JBDS – Portfolio Edition – which included the run-times for all the new features in JBDS 2.0.

JBoss continues to slash costs – two more customer success stories, first Covad (provider of data, voice and wireless telecommunications) who moved to JBoss from “inflexible and costly proprietary middleware software” because “That’s why we love JBoss– it allows us to do more with less,”.

IWBank (online banking and financial services) of Milan also selected JBoss because “JBoss enables us to provide more and more efficient and affordable services, which is crucial in the current economic climate”.

Finally, JBoss will be a mentoring organization in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) – you’ll have the chance to work with some of the smartest, most exerienced Open Source developers in the business. Head over to JBoss wiki if you are interested.

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