Red Hat a leader in In Memory Data Grids (IMDGs)

Fast on the heels of the Forrester Report on Mobile Infrastructure Services where Red Hat’s Mobile Platform was positioned as a leader,  this week Forrester released a new report for In Memory Data Grids and again Red Hat is positioned as a leader.

As they say in the report “There Is No Better Way To Achieve Blazing Fast Performance At Scale” – something I’ve been saying since we released the first version of JBoss Data Grid a couple of years ago. Another way to think about this is that there’s no better way to ruin a perfectly decent user experience that having slow, un-responsive applications. In memory data grids offer a quick solution to this without the cost and risk of major application re-architecture.

As with all Red Hat products, Red Hat JBoss Data Grid is pure Open Source and is based on the upstream Infinispan project.

More information on Red Hat JBoss Data Grid here.